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2018 Vintage Fortified

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“The pinnacle of wine making at Stanton & Killeen is creating a superb fortified to consume now or age for 20 years.”
Wendy Killeen


Grape - Estate grown Tinta Roriz, Touriga National, Tinta Cao, Grand Noir, Durif & Souzao

Look - Deep red/purple but will change over time.

Aroma - Roses, raspberry, red licorice and fudge.

Taste - A multitude of flavours including raspberry, dark chocolate, cherry, mint and red fruit coulis. Complexity and flavour will change over time. Balance is perfect with fruit and light tannins extending over the full length of the extremely long and elegant finish.

Occasion - Often VF’s are regarded as only an after-dinner wine, it does suit the purpose admiringly, but when regarded as a food wine new horizons open up. At any age, this wine is a wonderful accompaniment to a wide range of dishes from cheese, meat, grills and hearty vegetables. Can be served chilled in the summertime.

Cellaring - This wine spent a short amount of time in oak barrels, mainly to let the different varietals meld together and settle. It is then bottled before any oxidation can occur, the wine will then age and develop in the bottle, similar to a bottle of red table wine. Cellar for 20 - 30 years, however, this wine can be enjoyed at any age.

Winemaking - This is a blend dominated by the traditional Portuguese varietals, some co-fermented, with the addition of Durif. This makes a true Rutherglen wine with some style of Portuguese equivalents. Fermentation is halted at approximately 7% alcohol by the addition of grape spirit to retain natural sugars, fruit flavour and act as a preservative. Blending is important to achieve the perfect balance, where flavours and tannin are harmonious with balanced fruit sweetness.

Wooden Presentation boxes are also available for 750ml & 1.5L bottles. 
These are branded Stanton & Killeen and are perfect for storing or gifting a great bottle of VF. Wooden Vintage Fortified boxes

Liquid Luxury by Stanton & Killeen

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Standard, Premium & Deluxe?

Our Standard fortified is approximately 2-3 years old, fresh and versatile, this is a great start for a new barrel or to add fresh flavour.

Our Premium fortified is approximately 3-4 years old, perfect for those that want a drink now style or a head start on maturing your blend.

Our Deluxe fortified is 4-5 years old is the most mature and complex in the range, this is great for brand new barrels or if you want to add age and complexity to your barrel quickly. 

How do I know which fortified to purchase?

So you're looking at purchasing a home barrel, allowing you to have delicious fortified wine on tap 24/7. Congratulations! Owning a home barrel begins an exciting journey full of experimenting, sipping, swishing, spitting, testing and waiting. It's all part of handcrafting and perfecting a unique fortified blend that you can sip, enjoy and brag about with great satisfaction.

If the world of home barrels and blending fortified is new to you, then let us guide you through the different options we have available at Liquid Luxury.

Continue reading here to explore your options

Can I have more information about your barrels?

At Liquid Luxury we pride ourselves on our range, knowledge and service of all things home barrels. We begin by supplying you with a great base material to work with and support you to create your dream fortified blend. An example of our base materials include our Standard, Premium or Deluxe blending fortified. We know that only our best barrels and casks can create our world-class Muscats, Topaques & Tawnys. Some of our barrels predate our winery and, at 150+ years of age, are still going strong and helping to create our classic, grand and rare fortified wines. For customers to replicate the barrel ageing process at home, we have teamed up with Master Cooper, Andrew Young, of the Barossa Valley to create a range of home barrels of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Continue reading for more information on Andrew Young and our home barrel.

Can I sample your blending fortifieds before choosing?

If the world of home barrels and blending fortified is new to you, or you're not sure what you'd like to top your home barrel up with then why not sample the different options we have available at Liquid Luxury. 

Simply select the sample box you'd like to try. You can purchase multiple sample boxes at a time. If you're interested in sampling our entire range please select all options to receive one of each. 

Purchase sample boxes here