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20 Litre Barrel Liquid Luxury Package

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Original Andrew Young 20L BARREL 

A home barrel is a way to replicate what we do here at the winery, at home. You can develop a unique fortified blend over time that reflects your preferred style on a smaller scale. At Liquid Luxury, we have teamed up with Master Cooper, Andrew Young, of the Barossa Valley, to create a range of home barrels of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

20L is the best size if you want to create a long-term, complex blend as the larger volume means you can consume 5-7 litres a year whilst still developing your unique style of the fortified wine. With a recommended turnover rate of 20-35% per year, a larger-sized barrel with enable you to have steady control of how your unique blend matures, albeit at a slower rate than the smaller barrels. This is because you are keeping your original material in the blend, which over many years will form the oldest and most complex component of your fortified wine.

Hand coopered by master cooper, Andrew Young from the Barossa Valley. These barrels are crafted from minimum age 10-year ex-dry red oak.

You can read more information about Andrew Young and his cooperage here: The Craft of a Master Cooper – Liquid Luxury by Stanton & Killeen

Front Diameter: 290mm
Length: 460mm
Height: 480mm (including stand and bung)
Width: 330mm (including stand) 
Weight (empty): 11.2kg


• 20-litre pre-seasoned fortified barrel with a stand made in Australia from minimum-10-year-old ex-red wine oak.
• 20-litres of highest-quality blending fortified, your choice of  Tawny, Barrel Blend, White Fortified, Topaque or Muscat in standard, premium or deluxe fill. All fortified is grown and handcrafted by award-winning, 150-year-old fortified winery, Stanton & Killeen in Rutherglen, Victoria. 
• Barrel care guide
• Laboratory analysis and ongoing assistance to assist with your blend and sulphur levels.
• Membership to the Barrel Club giving you exclusive access to offers, events, our newsletter and a discount on all top-ups. 


You can read more information on fortified wine and barrels here: Fortified wine on tap – Liquid Luxury by Stanton & Killeen

If you are unsure about which size is best for you, please give us a call on (02) 6032 9457.

*Please note that all barrels are carefully seasoned for several months at the winery to ensure they will not add excess oak to your fortified wines. Because of this, there are times when we have no barrels currently available. We suggest you call or email us to discuss the various barrel options available.


Liquid Luxury by Stanton & Killeen

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Standard, Premium & Deluxe?

Our Standard fortified is approximately 2-3 years old, fresh and versatile, this is a great start for a new barrel or to add fresh flavour.

Our Premium fortified is approximately 3-4 years old, perfect for those that want a drink now style or a head start on maturing your blend.

Our Deluxe fortified is 4-5 years old is the most mature and complex in the range, this is great for brand new barrels or if you want to add age and complexity to your barrel quickly. 

How do I know which fortified to purchase?

So you're looking at purchasing a home barrel, allowing you to have delicious fortified wine on tap 24/7. Congratulations! Owning a home barrel begins an exciting journey full of experimenting, sipping, swishing, spitting, testing and waiting. It's all part of handcrafting and perfecting a unique fortified blend that you can sip, enjoy and brag about with great satisfaction.

If the world of home barrels and blending fortified is new to you, then let us guide you through the different options we have available at Liquid Luxury.

Continue reading here to explore your options

Can I have more information about your barrels?

At Liquid Luxury we pride ourselves on our range, knowledge and service of all things home barrels. We begin by supplying you with a great base material to work with and support you to create your dream fortified blend. An example of our base materials include our Standard, Premium or Deluxe blending fortified. We know that only our best barrels and casks can create our world-class Muscats, Topaques & Tawnys. Some of our barrels predate our winery and, at 150+ years of age, are still going strong and helping to create our classic, grand and rare fortified wines. For customers to replicate the barrel ageing process at home, we have teamed up with Master Cooper, Andrew Young, of the Barossa Valley to create a range of home barrels of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Continue reading for more information on Andrew Young and our home barrel.

Can I sample your blending fortifieds before choosing?

If the world of home barrels and blending fortified is new to you, or you're not sure what you'd like to top your home barrel up with then why not sample the different options we have available at Liquid Luxury. 

Simply select the sample box you'd like to try. You can purchase multiple sample boxes at a time. If you're interested in sampling our entire range please select all options to receive one of each. 

Purchase sample boxes here