Sponsor the 2024 Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show

Sponsor the 2024 Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show

Sponsorship Proposal for the 2024 Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show

We are thrilled to invite you to become a distinguished sponsor of the third annual Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show in 2024. As a valued member of our Liquid Luxury community, this opportunity offers you and your business unique exposure and recognition within the wine industry.

About the Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show

The Liquid Luxury Wine Show is an annual celebration of passion and craftsmanship in amateur winemaking. This year, we are excited to offer the chance for businesses and families to sponsor our award trophies, providing a platform to showcase your support for the wine community while gaining valuable exposure. By sponsoring a trophy, you will gain naming rights, allowing you to honour a loved one or promote your business in a unique and lasting way.

Example Trophy Sponsorship Name:

The [Insert Your Business or Family Member’s Name Here] Trophy for Best Overall Muscat

Trophies Needing Sponsorship:

Best Overall Muscat: $150 for naming rights

Best Overall Topaque: $150 for naming rights

Best Overall Ruby/Tawny: $150 for naming rights

Best in Show (Best Blend in the Competition): $300 for naming rights

Each sponsored trophy will bear your chosen name, providing lasting recognition and visibility within the wine community. This is a unique opportunity to associate your brand with excellence and tradition in the world of amateur winemaking.

The Benefits of sponsoring the Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show

Enhanced Brand Visibility:

  • Social Media Exposure: Your company logo will be featured on our social media pages, reaching a wide and engaged audience through the Liquid Luxury and Stanton & Killeen followers.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Your logo will be included in our email direct marketing (EDM) campaigns, ensuring repeated exposure.
  • Website Promotion: Prominent placement of your company logo on our website, accessed by wine enthusiasts.

Recognition on Trophies:

  • Engraved Trophies: The physical trophies awarded to winners will have your company name and/or logo engraved, providing lasting recognition.

Exclusive Invitation:

  • Judging Day Participation: Receive an exclusive invitation to attend the trophy judging day and help crown the winner of your sponsored category, offering a unique behind-the-scenes experience.

Priority Sponsorship Renewal:

  • First Rights for Future Sponsorship: Early sponsors are given priority to continue their sponsorship in future years, ensuring ongoing association with the Liquid Luxury Wine Show.

Personalised Sponsor Shout-Outs:

  • Video Acknowledgements: During the judging period, we will create personalized shout-out videos highlighting your sponsorship, adding a personal touch to your brand’s recognition.

Why Sponsor a Trophy?

Sponsoring a trophy at the Liquid Luxury Wine Show is not just about supporting excellence in amateur winemaking; it’s about aligning your brand with quality, passion, and tradition. This sponsorship offers an excellent way to give back to the wine community while gaining significant exposure for your business or honouring a loved one.

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence:

We hope you consider this exciting opportunity to be part of an event that showcases the best in amateur winemaking. To confirm your sponsorship or to learn more, please contact Sam at sam@stantonandkilleen.com.au

Thank you for your support and consideration. We look forward to celebrating with you at the 2024 Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show.

Sam Cooper
Sales & Marketing Manager
Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show

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