Sulphur is not a dirty word.

Sulphur is not a dirty word.

Sulphur, or sulfur if you prefer, often gets a bad rap in winemaking circles. Some folks wrinkle their noses at the mere mention of it. But let's set the record straight right from the start: Sulphur is not a dirty word. In fact, it's a crucial ingredient in the art of crafting fortified wines, those divine elixirs like Muscat, Topaque, Tawny, Sherry, and Madeira that grace our glasses with their rich flavors and complexity.

If you're a home barrel owner then nestled snugly in your home, sits a humble barrel filled with the promise of liquid gold. Each drop holds a world of flavor, eagerly awaiting your attention. Now, let's introduce sulphur dioxide (SO2), your faithful companion in this winemaking journey. Like a trusted ally, sulphur steps up to shield your precious concoction from the threats of oxidation, ensuring it retains its vibrant personality and delectable taste. With its antioxidant powers, sulphur becomes the guardian of your homemade treasures, allowing them to age gracefully and preserve their essence, ready for you to enjoy with every sip straight from your own barrel.

Sulphur isn't just a defender against oxidation; it's also a mighty microbial warrior. In the wild west of high sugar and alcohol content, where spoilage microbes lurk around every oak barrel, sulphur rides in on its trusty steed to vanquish the villains. With a flick of its antimicrobial sword, sulphur keeps bacterial and yeast invaders at bay, safeguarding our precious wines from funky off-flavors and spoilage. It's like having a superhero squad protecting our liquid treasures!

Moreover, sulphur contributes to the sensory profile of fortified wines. In controlled amounts, it can enhance certain aromas and flavors, adding complexity and depth to the final product. Winemakers carefully calibrate sulfur levels to strike a delicate balance, ensuring its positive impact without overpowering the wine's natural characteristics.

At Liquid Luxury by Stanton & Killeen, we're obsessed with maintaining the perfect balance of sulphur in our wines. With 160 ppm of sulphur throughout the aging process, your home blends will be singing with flavor and complexity.

Now, here's a little secret to keeping your wines in tip-top shape: the art of 'drawing down.' Each year, we recommend taking out 20% of your barrel's contents. You've got options: bottle it up for later or indulge straight from the tap – we won't judge! But before you dive in, don't forget to send us a sample. Our expert analysis will pinpoint exactly how much sulphur you'll need and what delicious blending fortified to top your barrel up with. It's a free service, of course, consider it our little gift to ensure your wine journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

So, the next time someone turns up their nose at the mention of sulphur, just smile and pour them a glass of your home-crafted, perfectly balanced, fortified goodness. Because now you know the truth: Sulphur is not just a word – it's the unsung hero behind some of the world's most divine wines, including yours! 

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